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Fast, Friendly & Technically Brilliant

Founded in 2011, We exist to help companies maximise their cloud investments by reducing cloud costs by at least 30%.

Our mission is “We help companies get the most out of their cloud investment by minimising cloud spend.

  • Cloud Cost Analysis
  • Reserved Capacity Management
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  • Auto-scaling Applications

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Cloud Cost Analysis

Why CloudStorm

Fast, Friendly & Technically Brilliant

Our customers come to us when they are paying more for cloud than expected, their cloud spend is out of control or they are frustrated with no control over cloud costs. Does this sound like you?


We deliver cost savings within two weeks that you realise in your next AWS, Azure or GCP billing cycle.


Our team is professional, experienced and friendly. We are dedicated to driving down your cloud costs and getting you more cloud for less.


Technically Brilliant

Technical brilliance is at the core of our award-winning engineering team that is focused on delivering a beautiful customer experience.


Download: 5 Easy Steps to Cut Cloud Costs by at Least 30%

Reducing cloud costs has become urgent. This Guide looks at the top ways you can reduce costs now & in the future.

Guaranteed Cloud Cost Savings of at least 30% with Zero upfront investment

We have save Irish business over €4m on their cloud spend

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our performance

Cloud Cost Optimisation 99%
Workload Cloud Migrations 95%
Cloud Managed Environment 97%

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Every day we prove that the cloud can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. Explore our Customer Success Stories to find out more.