The public cloud offers significant cost benefits to an organisation that move workloads to the cloud. To reduce the financial impact of migration to the cloud, your organisation should calculate all the costs involved. However, there is some cloud cost that can be hard to find and be included in your overall cloud costs.

1.         Pre-Migration upgrades

Before migrating to the cloud, some application and database may be required to be upgraded to work in the public cloud.

2.         Third-party tool

To manage and maintain the organisation cloud infrastructure, you will need several third-party tools to monitor performance and issues, control and manage costs and dr.

3.         Poor cloud Implementations

Regardless if an organisation uses a third-party migration service provider or internal resource, a poor migration and implementation are going to cost a lot more to fix.

4.         Inefficient storage

Cloud storage is extremely cheap and fast to deploy, and that is one of the reasons organisations love cloud storage.  On average organisations only utilise 50% of the storage they pay for in the cloud and typically deploy incorrect storage types which can be very costly.

5.         Bandwidth Bandwidth usage can be forgotten or underestimated by the organisation when calculating the potential cloud cost. An organisation should take advantage of the