A key technology trend you may have recently noticed across various enterprises is the ever-increasing adoption of multiple cloud environments. The multi-cloud management market is anticipated to grow up to $4,492.7 million by 2022.

The reasons of moving to multi-cloud are obvious: it provides platform flexibility, improves performance and prevents vendor lock-in. On the other hand, due to multiple accounts and multiple applications on multiple platforms, it becomes nearly impossible to get clear visibility into the cloud spend.

Multi-cloud adoption has created a shift in the technology. Almost infinite amount of cloud resources and services can be accessed with just a couple of clicks. As this adoption increases, the skills and time required to control multi-cloud environment continuous to grow. Hence, many organizations today are struggling to properly manage and optimize costs. For this reason, IT leaders are for spend optimization and visibility tools.

Our IaaS cost management solution provides organizations with accurate visibility and governance to automate multi-cloud cost saving operations. We provide cost optimization and expense management across the most popular and comprehensive cloud infrastructures like AWS and Microsoft Azure.