Managed Cloud Environment

Workloads built on public cloud platforms are your responsibility. If they fail, you’re stuck – and your business suffers. We take away the risk, while freeing your tech teams to focus on delivery and innovation.

From incident and monitoring to disaster recovery and vulnerability scanning – we make running and scaling the cloud simple. One client summed it up with: “CloudStorm helps us focus, develop and scale our core product. At the same time, we can be confident that our customer’s services are supported and maintained 24/7 by the leading professionals in the field.”

Incident Management

Secure your cloud infrastructure with our incident management team of experts. Our service enables 24/7 incident first response, resolution or escalation of your entire cloud infrastructure for IaaS, PaaS, OS, and middleware across AWS, Azure and GCP public
cloud platforms.

Monitoring & Alerting

Ignite your public cloud monitoring with our 360-degree view of all your infrastructure across AWS, Azure and GCP public cloud platforms. Our advanced monitoring identifies potential threats and issues before they happen. Our expert team are alerted and
can resolve incidents before they become an issue

Log Management

Our Log Management service centralizes log collection enabling easy review and detection of suspicious system activity, security threats and network operations. It also enables collaboration with  monitoring for performance analysis helping you make sense of all your data.

User support

Our end user support takes help-desk to the next level. We connect your people and our team of technical experts to troubleshoot and resolve any issue. We provide support 24/7/365 with remote access that can troubleshoots your team’s issues within minutes. Each of our team of experts possess the skills and understanding to resolve issues quickly so that your team can be back up and running in no time

OS & Malware Patching

Our industry leading cloud-native patch management tools help secure your environment. We make sure that you are always up todate with the latest Operating System and Malware patches as soon as they become available. We provide you with reliable detection and remediation for OS and third-party software updates. Our cloud
experts ensure that you are always secure and compliant with the latest patches.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Prevention is the best defense but if something does go wrong, you can be safe in the knowledge that our backup and Disaster Recovery will have you back up and running in no time. Our managed disaster recovery ensure that your DR procedures and infrastructure is regularly tested. We plan and train for the worst, ensuring that services are restored to working order within the required Recovery Time and Point Objectives.

Cloud Security Services

We know it can be a dangerous world out there so our advanced and robust Cloud Security service will protect your data, applications and infrastructure from malicious attacks. With cyber security becoming an ever growing and changing space we ensure we are constantly improving and evolving our comprehensive suite of security services.